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Product Transfer Mortgages

Why choose Blueberry for Product Transfer Mortgages?

  • We will compare the best deal with your current lender with all lenders
  • We could offer you an exclusive deal not available directly from your lender
  • Some lenders will only allow you to complete a transfer through a broker
  • We’ll compare the costs of a product transfer with switching lenders
  • Some lenders are offering a no fees re-mortgage service
  • No valuation fee on product transfers
  • No legal fees on product transfers
  • No arrangement fees with some lenders
  • Release equity at the same time
  • Complete your product transfer in days, not weeks
The Straight Forward Mortgage Process
How much can I borrow?
How much can I borrow?

To find out how much you can borrow please contact us.

Blueberry Protection
Blueberry Protection

When you’re arranging a new mortgage, it makes sense to review your life insurance arrangements. You could save money by switching to a new provider.

How much equity can I release?
How much equity can I release?

To enquire how much equity release is in your property please contact us today.

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