Interest Only Mortgages

Why choose Blueberry Mortgages for Interest Only Mortgages?

If you have a less than perfect Credit Score and even a few historical credit issues, this won’t necessarily stop you getting a mortgage. We work with specialist lenders not found on the High Street and smaller building societies who will look beyond your credit score. We may surprise you.

How we can help you

  • Interest only available up to 50% loan to value
  • You need to have £150,000 worth of equity
  • You do not need to have an endowment policy or savings plan
  • Sale of the property is an acceptable repayment vehicle
  • Downsizing is an acceptable repayment vehicle
  • You won’t pay a higher rate of interest on some schemes
  • Free valuation and legals on some schemes
  • You can make overpayments on some schemes

Introduction to Interest Only Mortgages

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