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Why choose Blueberry for Interest Only mortgages?

With different lending criteria, rates and charges imposed by the various lenders who still offer interest only mortgages, it is important that we negotiate the right deal for you. We work efficiently and quickly on your behalf, understanding that speed is often of the essence. We are with you from start to finish; there's no need for you to chase the lender or other professionals involved in the process.

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  • Interest only available up to 50% loan to value
  • You need to have £150,000 worth of equity
  • You do not need to have an endowment policy or savings plan
  • Sale of the property is an acceptable repayment vehicle
  • Downsizing is an acceptable repayment vehicle
  • You won’t pay a higher rate of interest on some schemes
  • Free valuation and legals on some schemes
  • You can make overpayments on some schemes

Introduction to Interest Only mortgages

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