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Blueberry is a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) which has been empowering business for 30-years. Being a member gives clients and lenders confidence that they are dealing with a professional – experts who understand the market and operate to the highest standards at all times.

The team at Blueberry are specialist Commercial Mortgage Brokers that specialise in commercial scenarios, whether you are looking to purchase or re-mortgage a commercial property.

Blueberry can look at all commercial property types and accept applications from individuals to SPV companies. We can look at trading businesses, commercial investment and 100% loan-to-value (with additional security). We have access to the entire market, a competitive fee structure and can obtain deals whereby the lending is on interest only for the term.


Being an NACFB Member broker gives clients and lenders confidence that they are dealing with a professional – an expert who knows the market and operates to the highest standards.

The NACFB mission is to partner with their members to foster professional expertise.  NACFB will embrace the highest industry and regulatory standards, including engagement with our stakeholders, to help our business prosper.

Why select Blueberry for your Commercial Mortgage?

  • Our team understand the commercial market Knowledge of the commercial market is at the heart of our proposition, excellent relationships with our lenders is important and it helps ensure our client’s get the best offer.
  • Access to thousands of deals
    Blueberry source and compare thousands of Commercial Mortgage deals to ensure that we can identify a deal which is suitable for you.
  • We are entirely independent
    We have no ties to certain lenders – we are fully independent and completely unbiased.  Our commitment is to identify the best options for you, the client.
  • We only charge when we succeed
    All of our research and our recommendation is provided free of charge, we only charge once we have obtained a ‘yes’ from the recommended lender.

Our Lenders

We work with the UK’s leading lenders, some of which don’t offer their services directly to customers, only to brokers.

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